Larson/Shores | Stanyan Renovation

Ensuite bench doubles as part of the shower wall and leaves room on the other side for storage. (Towels in baskets?

carpet colour choice for x 3 rooms - Pearl Grey. Found from Three Birds Renovating.

Three Bird Renovations mix our vintage style 'Clear Laurent' pendant light with a softly furnished bedroom

Bathroom Layout - Double Shower & Concealed Toilet

Using multiple shower heads lets you choose assortment of water streams. Multiple shower heads are an upscale feature now being included in some bathroom remodels.

LOVE this Vanity!

LOVE this Vanity!

Love this shower head.

But questioned whether they provided enough light for the room to be functional.

Concealed Toilet

Darren liked that the toilet was hidden behind the door and had it's own space.

Love these cupboards for the ensuite

Love these cupboards for the ensuite

White Mirror wardrobes for master bedroom - mixing classic & modern. Jess & Ayden from the blocks bedroom.

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