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Sorry for the swearing, but the imagery in this post is BEAUTIFUL. A round of applause for the person that wrote this. And I also like the mermaids prompt, but mostly the beautiful imagery.

In my opinion, it doesn't need to be a lesbian couple it could be two wizards or freaking whatever, it's just a neat concept. Sexual preference shouldn't even be brought up< LESBIAN!

I keep imagining addicts on the other side leaping into the air to get those sweet sweet drugs and it's like when you dangle a toy in the air for a cat and they go all acrobatic.>i'm imagining them catching it and then slam dunking it.

I find this very interesting << death. We fear death and the dead. When we die our skin grows pale and our eyes sink in. We fear the sharp teeth of predators that lie waiting in the night. We fear death and dying.

OMG I have a fan fiction I am working on that basicly revolves around this! I have a few new characters and a lot of old ones who basically show all of theses sides.

And if you think that killing people might make them like you but it doesn't. It just makes people dead. It's weird how this is actually really good advice BBC-take notes