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Levi and Hange protecting their babies

"yes hello we are here to retrieve the two teenagers you stole from our adopted brood" I just want chapter 63 to be all about protecting the teenagers // Mama and Papa to the rescue XD


Levihan/ ahahaha Hanji is so drunk and Levi making fun of her ahahaha, I love both of them and they would be soooo amazing as couple ! (but when you still ship Ereri ;

I'm moved and I'm loughing too Erwin ! <<< It's really late and I can't laugh or I'll wake the house! <<< I don't ship Levihan, but this is cute

Levihan fact: When Levi's upset he always goes to hanji. She's the only one who's seen him cry.

I'm a LevixEren but if I had to pick Levi with a girl I would say LevixHanji (I hate Petra)