Time to battle. Time to play. Destinies clash in the quest for Eire
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a painting of a woman holding a bowl with fire in her hands
Brighid : Imbolc : Pagan Shop : Home : Pagan/spiritual and fairy/fantasy greeting cards, prints and gifts at Moondragon
Brighid Goddess card ~ Esther Remmington.
an image of a book tour and giveaway for the grimp's new album
Erinland- Tour Sign Ups
the book cover for errimo time to battle time to play, destines clash in the quest for fire
Book review of Erinland
#BookReview of #Erinland from #ReadersFavorite - Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite “‘We must protect the chalice and the sacred writings!’ cried Niamh of the Golden Hair. The sound of her commanding voice reduced the sound of the wailing wind to a frustrated whisper.” These are words we read at the opening of this enthralling tale of magic, masterfully crafted and filled with imagination. Meet Richard and Amy, two young adults ...
there is a woman kissing a baby on the cheek
Maire Brennan- Oro
Maire Brennan- Oro a lullaby in Gaelic composed for Maire's baby daughter(the little sweetie pictured on the album cover)
the tree of life is shown in this illustration, with many different things on it
The Nine Worlds from Norse mythology
the history of viking symbols and their origins in ancient greek mythology infographical poster
Gods And Mythology Of Vikings
Gods & Mythology
a large wooden dragon sculpture sitting on top of a lush green field under a cloudy sky
Lore and Saga. The Living History Service for Education. Viking Ships
Norse Shiphead