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A sepia, brown, black and orange organic drawing, in the shape of a feather or leaf. There are different textures and shapes throughout the drawing, like a bunch of different seaweeds and feathers washed up on the beach together. The background paper is white, and it’s photographed on a concrete background. Ink Drawing Illustration, Drawing Prints, Drawings, Sand Drawing, Watercolor And Ink, Abstract Watercolor, Abstract Art, Natural Form Artists, Natural Forms
New fine art print - ‘sepia study’ by Katherine Wheeler
A watercolour and pen and ink original drawing, that is reproduced as a giclee print. The piece is inspired by seaweed, beachcombing and the debris washed up on the sand. . #drawing #fineartprint #sepia #organicart #intuitiveart #oceaninspiredart #katherinewheeler #katherinewheelerartist
Katherine Wheeler Ceramics
Katherine Wheeler Ceramics