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Stargate SG-1. Jack O'Neill. The most awesome person ever...other than Daniel Jackson, that is.

Stargate Jack O'Neill has a full grasp on the situation :) this was from an episode of Stargate Atlantis and was a classic

Oh Teal'c

Stargate "Message in a Bottle" -- This was Twal'c trying to cheer up Jack. -- Teal'c: "Undomesticated equines could not remove me. O'Neill: "It's wild horses, Teal'c. You told a joke.

Carter, in reply to Dr. Rodney McKay, who is deathly allergic to citrus :P

In reply to a guy allergic to citrus. That's a lot funnier than it was supposed to be

Yeah probably Daniel

Daniel Jackson and his many deaths. He's died like 12 times and assumed dead way more!

I was just telling the hubby to 'Richard Dean Anderson' something the other day.

Friggin noobs, lest we forget RDA was also the loving and loyal husband of a paranoid schizophrenic on General Hospital.

…whimsical French chair…perfectly romantic...

…Victorian chair…circa imagined into a whimsical French chair…painted chalk white…covered in a pink cotton vintage print…perfectly romantic.Please contact The Painted Chateau for shipping charges.