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a stuffed toy with buttons on it's eyes and hair is hanging from the wall
#9) Voodoo Dolls `N More: Updated 4/15/06
Upcycled Dolls, Evil Baby, Clown Dolls, Zombie Baby, Doll Horror, Dolls Halloween, Doll Creepy
Original art, graffiti art, assemblage art, designer toys, oddity
two creepy dolls sitting in the grass with one holding a bottle and another laying on the ground
Fimo, Creepy Porcelain Dolls, Creepy Doll Art, Porcelain Dolls Value, Creepy Doll, Gothic Dolls
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a creepy doll with yellow eyes and black hair is in a white dress, holding her hands out to the side
Living Dead Dolls The Curse of La Llorona La Llorona 10-Inch Doll
a white doll with red eyes and wings sitting down on the ground in front of a white background
Animated Halloween Props, Life-size Halloween Props