Aboriginal symbols on rocks for children to play with. NAIDOC week.

Students can study aboriginal symbols and transfer them onto rocks to be added to a rock garden that the whole school contributes as a part of NADOC week celebrations.

Provocation- Put simply, provocations provoke! They provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas. This activity might also be provoked by stories of the dreamtime - children could create their own story through their art.

This pin displays an activity in which is being completed in by small children. It emphasises as cultural perspective through art and allows children to contribute and explore cultures through understanding in their art, creating their own artworks.

Trees study- Paint bark or discs of tree trunks. Let them paint two, one to take home and another to create a collage and display.

let the children play: bark painting at preschool Jennifer Kable via Sarah Jobson onto kids nature play

Aboriginal loose parts

Cultural appreciation is important to me as someone who wasn’t raised culturally but does have a varied ethnic background. As I’ve said previously about diversity, I find exploring thes…

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