Hamburger Cake 5

This “super-sized” cheeseburger cake with fondant fries, pickle and ketchup is all edible! What a perfect surprise from a Buffalo, NY bide for her ‘fast food loving’ fiance …

Hamburger Cake 4

Hamburger Cake: Patty Cake, Patty Cake, baker’s man, bake me this cake as fast as you can! Kids will adore this burger cake.

Hamburger Cake 3

My First Hamburger Cake! Buns are butter cakes covered in Rolled Buttercream Fondant; rice krispies for sesame seeds; hamburger is.

Hamburger Cake 2

I was inspired to make this cake after seeing Bakerella's hamburger cupcakes . I actually made those cupcakes and sugar cookie fries las.