10 Robotics Lesson Plans | Lesson Plans for Edison

10 Robotics Lesson Plans

Edison's 10 Robotics Lesson plans are easy to use and ready to go. Give your students a solid basis in technology in just 10 lessons

Educational robotics with Edison

Educational Robotics at a price your school can afford!

– 1 Edison robot with EdComm programming cable. Meet Edison The super affordable, programmable robot. Your stepping stone…

Introducing Edison robots! Our LEGO Robotics club at the Albany-Springfield Branch allows ages 8-18 to explore this awesome new technology. #edisonrobots #robotics #LEGOs #technology #STEAM

Our LEGO Robotics club at the Albany-Springfield Branch allows ages to experiment with this awesome new technology!


Edison: A Peek Into the Design of The Robot Anyone Can Afford

Microbric is raising funds for Edison - fun robotics for tomorrow's inventors! on Kickstarter! Meet Edison - the super affordable, programmable robot.

Lego is, first and foremost, fun. Building with those small plastic blocks also teaches some fundamentals of engineering: how to build a structure that won’t topple over—that is, one stable enough to survive getting trampled by the family dog. A new robotic toy on Kickstarter can also make playing with Lego a lesson in computer programming. So you can hedge your bets by steering your kid toward two lucrative careers at once, under the guise of unstructured playtime.

This Toy Robot Injects Steroids Into Lego Projects

Microbric, a small Australian company has thrown down the gauntlet to LEGO and produced ‘Edison’, a programmable and affordable LEGO compatible robot.

Edison Robot - affordable educational robots for everyone. Invent with Edison - Lego compatible. Free Edware graphical programming software amkes programming Edison a breeze.

Buy a set of 3 Edison robots. The includes 3 Edison robots and EdComm programming cables.