Water cascading down Uluru, Australia, during the northern wet season.

Landscape photography: Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) Australia--For local photographer Peter Carroll, it was a 20 year wait to capture rain on the rock

Lincoln Harrison's Australian Outback Night Sky Pictures Dazzle.  At first glance these pictures look like something that greets you at the end of a kaleidoscope. But these marvels are the product of up to 15 hours of shooting the stars in the Aussie outback. The swirling spectacles were snapped using long exposure lenses on a Nikon D7000 and a Nikon D3100

Amazing sky images from Australia-based photographer Lincoln Harrison who has been taking photos for less than two years. In Harrison's photos, the rotation of the Earth makes the stars appear as if they're traveling across the sky.

Watercolor Australia Travel Illustration - Australian Dreams No. 3 print

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Lord Howe Island, Australia (via PlaceToSeeInYourLifetime 2013-04) • part of The Great Barrier Reef • 2hrs off Sydney on continent's E coast • 11x2km • only 400 visitors at a time • natural preservation incl.: coral reef / unique & rare animals / volcanic peaks /  rainforests / crystal clear water lagoon

Lord Howe Island, Australia - only 400 tourists being allowed to visit each year. The limit is in place to protect the amazing natural landscape of Howe Island, which is home to a beautiful crystal lagoon and coral reef.

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