Blackburne Property Group managing director Paul Blackburne says he

Paul Blackburne debunks apartment glut ‘myth’

Is your fridge or office space covered in posters proclaiming ‘To travel is to live’ or ‘The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page’

Off-the -plan or established, your 3 minute guide

Off-the -plan or established, your 3 minute guide

The high life.. should you try before you buy??

Sustainable living doesn’t come in one shape or color. There isn’t one way to “be sustainable.” I personally have chosen to live a zero waste life. The term zero waste seems incredibly daunting and pretty much improbable…

AirBnB beserk, how the growing trend of short stays affects your apartment life

Taking your baby or kids on an airplane? Easy tips and ideas for flying with your kids on an airplane!


While most great rooms tend to be on the main floor, this one, in an upstairs apartment, has fantastic seamless windows and a muted color scheme with accents of geometric patterns in the pillows and the area rug.