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Bully-proofing your kids - CNN.com

Bully-proofing your kids - Starting when their son was psychologist Tammy Hughes and her school psychologist husband started teaching him. At night, they'd say, "Tell me three good things that happened to you today.

Friends Bloopers- Lisa Kudrow is just as funny/crazy as Phoebe.  What a crack-up!

Friends Bloopers - one of my favorite shows ever! Must remember to play this when I'm having a bad day. I dare you not to laugh at least once watching this!

Pesto, mozzarella, baby spinach, avocado grilled cheese.....mmm, might have to try this..

exPress-o: Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich // pesto, mozzarella, baby spinach, avocado, goat cheese

Know this feeling, lol!

That awkward moment when you are not sure if you have free time or you're just forgetting everything! Oh, my goodness, this is my life. So true!

Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball - Experiment with Polymers

Use chemistry to make a bouncing polymer ball, then alter the procedure to see the effect the changes have on the characteristics of the bouncing ball.: Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball - Introduction and Materials

How to Make Foaming Hand Soap 2.0 from Our Homemade Happiness - All it takes is soap, water, and an empty foaming soap dispenser!

Save a little money and make your own foaming hand soap.use 1 part liquid soap to 3 parts warm water in a emptied foam soap container ~ I used a mix of Dove body wash and Dawn dish soap and it worked GREAT and I used less soap than called for!

Christmas nails - so cute!

Santa Claus is one of the main figures of Christmas. So, today I have several Cute Santa Claus Nail Designs, to inspire you for your holiday nail idea

The BEST Play-Dough Recipe - Can't wait to try this out!

play dough recipe,and if you add dry koolaid instead of food coloring, you have smell-o-riffic dough! cup of salt instead. and I did add the glitter for fairy play dough.) I don't know what the cup of salt instead" is for but I'm gonna try this

5 Aromatherapy Oils Everyone Should Have at Home

Really good website to understand oils 5 Aromatherapy Oils Everyone Should Have at Home: Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Tea Tree.

how to make foot prints in the sand and keep it.

how to make foot/hand prints in sand and keep it: great instructions w pictures. This woudl be cute to collect sand from your beach trip to do as a memento!

Previous pinner wrote----Always be thankful for what you already have—which is so very much! “Those who live in thanksgiving daily. are among the world’s happiest people. The power of gratitude is immense.” –Joseph B.

Under the table hammock!  Wish I'd seen this ages ago - Think my kids might be too big now. Wonder what the equation is to work out if they'll break my table, lol!

someday i'll be the cool gramma who shows my grand-kids how to make one of these. :) Under the table hammock.I made table tents when my kids were little.but no hammocks:))

DIY All-Purpose Cleaner from Our Homemade Happiness - It only takes two ingredients!

Our Homemade Happiness: Homemade All-Purpose CleanerDisinfecting All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe 2 cups distilled, filtered, or boiled water 3 Tbsp Dr.