Thermomix Recipes: Profiteroles : Choux Pastry Puffs with Thermomix

Profiteroles : Choux Pastry Puffs with Thermomix. I am sooooo gonna make these!

Homemade Nutella - thermomix

homemade nutella: Ingredients: 2 cups chopped toasted hazelnuts (filberts) cup to 1 cup powdered sugar cup unsweetened dark cocoa powder to cup canola oil MAYBE COCONUT OIL?

Applesauce Recipe for Thermomix

Make it with Thermomix: Applesauce

Chicken Stock Paste  Ingredients :  300g of raw chicken (minced)  300g vegies (leek/onion/shallots, carrot, garlic, celery, celeriac - your choice)  a few sprigs fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, parsley)  150g coarse sea salt  1 bay leaf  50g white wine (or a dash of white wine vinegar + water)  1 clove  5 coriander seeds (or a dash of ground cloves and a dash of ground coriander).

Quirky Cooking: Thermomix Menu Plans - December (plus a recipe for Melty 'Cheese' Sauce!

Mixing it up with Thermomix!: Thermomix Homemade Lemonade

Love making this! Going to try it with the bitters next time Thermomix Homemade Lemonade

Quirky Cooking: Sugar Substitutes: How to use Natural Sweeteners in your Cooking

Quirky Cooking: Sugar Substitutes: How to use Natural Sweeteners in your Cooking. Wonderful article with great information!

Quirky Cooking: Making Butter in the Thermomix

Quirky Cooking: Making Spreadable Butter in the Thermomix pure cream macadamia oil (or olive oil if you like the taste) filtered water sea salt/himalayan salt (opt.

Quirky Cooking: Thermomix 'Fried' Rice

Quirky Cooking: Thermomix 'Fried' Rice Delicious & the fastest way that I have ever made fried rice :) tweaked a bit though - pan fried onions & bacon but otherwise all thermie.