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Coffeeology: Espresso yourself . Better latte Than Never . Take life one cup at a time . So many blends, so little time. Friends don't let friends drink bad coffee . Take time to smell the coffee . Deja Brew: the feeling you've had this coffee before.

The Spin Chill - Beerouette. Chill your beverage in 60 seconds with this handy little device. It can clip onto beer/soda cans or bottles, wine and champagne bottles, and uses 4AA batteries. It fits in your pocket and is 100% waterproof.

So get your beer cooler than a polar bear's toe nail with the beer spinning chilling tool. This innovative device spins the can at high speeds and uses convection to rapidly cool down your disgusting warm beer in under a minute.

Marketing Consultant: Seven Characteristics of Great Marketers. Successful marketers generally demonstrate a number of similar attributes. Here’s a list of the seven.

Simply meant, a leader is the person who has the ability to lead the entire team in a particular organization! True leaders understand that success does not depend on their titles, but on the values they uphold and the choices they make on a daily basis.

The Right Glass: Pilsener Learn more about this versatile glass photo shows cocktails served in pilsener glasses #BeerGlasses #TheBartender

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Central Ohio breweries map: See where craft beer-makers have set up - Columbus Business First

Sangria, a summer party drink

Skinny Sangria via Dr. Oz Guilt-Free Cocktail Cheats Ingredients Makes 1 serving: 170 calories 1 lemon 1 orange 1 peach 1 strawberry 3 oz Pinot Noir oz pear vodka 1 tsp orange blossom honey 1 oz rosé sparkling wine