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Combining Work and Play

Video Game Room Ideas ~ Game evening will certainly never coincide once you get involved in these terrific recreation room ideas from our layout professionals. A perfect room established for .

Large table and bookcase with games. Would probably go with white for the shelving unit though and table edges lighter too.

In this House We Do Geek CUSTOMIZABLE wall Decal Fantasy star wars harry potter hobbit geekery hogwarts galaxy bride game thrones alice

Game room - Rolling board game table - fun idea, but it would need a MUCH larger (square) surface to accommodate the best games

Chalkboard painted coffee table in two trending colors - yellow and charcoal. This table would be good to keep score for family game night or cards!

11 Surprising Ways To Reuse Your Household Clutter - this is a great way to get the games out of the closet in in your family's face so they will choose Game Night over time on their electronics

Feeding Family of 4 Infographic (land needed)

How big of a backyard do you need to live off the land? Live off the grid infographic.

A Kea at Arthur's Pass - South Island, New Zealand

The kea is a cheeky bird found in New Zealand's South Island. It loves to sneak leftovers and have a nibble at anything rubbery. A beautiful bird you will see on many of our trips including the and more.