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Point Betsie Lighthouse, Crystallia, Michigan, USA by Caroline C. ❦

Point Betsie Lighthouse, Crystallia, Michigan, USA by Caroline C. ❦

Daytime lightening storm.

Many great pictures, paintings, photos or sketches etc. use old barns as subjects. I thought this forum would be a chance to bring many of those old barns together for the Jocks interested in artwork or just the look & memories associated with the.

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Oh.....I'm So Tired.....after.....Riding in the Saddle.....All Day.

Dally the Jack Russell spends every day watching his owner train horses. Eventually, he decided enough was enough. He found the most adorable way to grab his owner's attention. He probably did he know that he'd get a lifelong friend in the process.

Tornado /wervelwind

This is not a tornado in Namibia. Where is the flying sand? This is the shadow cast by the edge of a sand dune in Namibia. The picture was entered in the Italian National Geographic photo contest by Francesco Middei.


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