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a house with cactus plants in front of it and a large white wall behind it
Saguaro — Adore Home Magazine
Saguaro — Adore Home Magazine
a white house with a blue roof and two children playing in the front yard area
an image of a house with palm trees in the front yard and landscaping around it
an empty swimming pool with palm trees in the back ground and two lounge chairs next to it
An Art Deco beach home's modern makeover in Wollongong
an empty swimming pool next to a white fence and palm tree in the foreground
Glow, Mangerton - Pure Locations
an outdoor living area with artificial grass and potted plants
Pastel Belle, Bilinga Beach - Pure Locations
a palm tree sitting next to a swimming pool in a home's back yard
an open grill with vegetables on the counter
an outdoor pizza oven is built into the side of a white fenced in area
Palm Breeze, Cronulla - Pure Locations
a white house with a wooden door and cactus in the foreground, on a sunny day
PALMERA | Big House Little House - residential building design brisbane
PALMERA | Big House Little House - residential building design brisbane
an empty swimming pool surrounded by palm trees
Shoot Location — Studio Haven
a large bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub
'California cool' was the inspiration behind this Sunshine Coast family home
an instagramted photo of a kitchen with white cabinets and wooden chairs, hanging lights over the island
boho home, downstairs bar
an outdoor kitchen and dining area in a house with white walls, wood floors and ceiling fans
an outdoor kitchen and dining area with large windows on the side of the house that overlooks a swimming pool
an outdoor kitchen and grill area with grass in the back ground, surrounded by white walls
a white house with palm trees in front of it and a stone path leading to the entrance
an open kitchen and living room area with white furniture, wood flooring and large sliding glass doors
an outdoor pizza oven in front of a pergolated wall
Tuscan DIY Pizza Oven Kit - Pizza Ovens Australia | Wide Range Of Pizza Ovens.
an outdoor kitchen with firewood stacked on the shelves and in front of it is a bbq
Outdoor kitchens: Round up of the best! | Style Curator
a pool with a cactus in it next to a white wall
a dog laying on the ground in front of a swimming pool with a fire pit