I have been lusting after this uberkate necklace for a couple of years now... still working on saving ;)

My dream 10 year wedding anniversary gift (since we don't do wedding anniversary gifts, it's really 10 years worth wrapped up in one!

Uberkate 3 circle necklace (sml, med, large) with each of the kids names and birthdates on it

Uberkate uber circles in gold. Wear your family close to your heart. My dream piece of jewellery.

Uberkate - or alternatively, and probably more so, the family connection bangles - 3 bangles (kids name and birthdate on each) connected together by a smaller circle (our names and marriage date)

The Family Connection 3 Bangles Go figure Dylan already on these, I wander if we can order this?

Combination Ubercircles by Uberkate - Rose, Yellow or White Gold

Love this, going to design a similar version and have it made by the same jeweller that made my rings

grainnemasters loves #NikkiLissoni: Christmas present from dad nd mom <3

grainnemasters loves #NikkiLissoni: Christmas present from dad nd mom <3

Ubercircles $565

Uberkate - Ubercircles Russian Medium absolutely love this. so much I have a set of my own :) A great gift idea for a mum who is returning to work and wants to keep her babies still close to her heart

Uberkate - <3 EVERYTHING she has

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