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a bag of gummy bears with an ad on it that says you are gushing with knowledge
Cute treats for Academic Team or for testing week at school... Fruit Gushers "You are GUSHING with Knowledge." Smarties "You're a bunch of SMARTIES" Starburst "Here's a little BURST of energy to do your best!"
two bags of candy sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says shine bright like a diamond
'Twas the Night Before Testing...Student Treat Idea
two candy bar wrappers with the words you're no good luck on them
Encourage Your Child Before a Test With This Fun Printable | Skip To My Lou
AirHead Candy Gram for Test Taking- Free printable From Skip to my Lou
three pencils sitting next to each other on top of yellow paper
several candy lollipops lined up on a table with sticky notes attached to them
STAAR motivation! Treat bags for students. Blow up the STAAR!
some blue and orange paper tags with words on them
Smartie Pants Testing Treats