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Small Dragonfly Tattoos | Dragonfly Tattoo Sketch by MissMadnesss

just a sketch of a tattoo idea. done with pencil and colored pencil Dragonfly Tattoo Sketch

tattoo or embroidery this..this pic popped up during my photo search....not sure who drew it..all the info was covered..but its's amazing!..would love to get a tattoo of the grouping of 3 (#12), then make it for each of my kids..but make them no more then an inch big....wonder if that is doable.....then an even smaller dragonfly for each of the 2 older girls' babies..following after their mama....hmmmm

tattoo or embroidery ideas.this pic popped up during my photo search.not sure who drew it.would love to get a tattoo of the grouping of several

Dragonfly Tattoos Represent Strength And Endurance Use Shades Of One.....and they remind me if my mom.

I love dragonflies. would like this as a tattoo.Dragonfly tattoos represent strength and endurance.

~Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo "Never give up"

The Most Elegant Dragonfly Tattoo Designs Interested in an elegant Dragonfly Tattoo? Dragonflies flit between the blades of grass and leaves in search of prey, and their skill and intelligence in.

tattoo-arm-3d-realistic-dragonfly.jpg 600×600 pixels

Anabi Tattoo from Poland show his tattoo art tagged with Arm Realistic Dragonfly Tattoo.