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Sun and Moon by James Coffman

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an apple with two leaves on top of it
Lilac Berry – PAPER COLLECTIVE - Quality Art prints by real artists
Buy Lilac Berry from Juliette van Rhyn
a white and yellow flower painted on the sand
Strange girl
Strange girl A simple but retro daisy who shows us weird is beautiful. She moves and changes and still stays as bright as a light. This work features warm tones and rhythmic shape, set on a textured, digitised stone. Just the right amount of everything. limited edition square format 30x30cm thick 300 GSM cotton paper
a white vase sitting on top of a table
YinjiSpace - French Artists x Morgane Pasqualini
YinjiSpace - French Artists x Morgane Pasqualini
a red vase sitting on top of a table next to a white curtained window
Chains Trend | Ceramic Objects | Organic Ceramics Ideas | Chains Details in Ceramics
Chains are trending, it’s easy to say and, it’s even easier to prove. Talented artists such as Nicolette Johnson, Eny Lee Parker, and the very well-known Apparatus studio, prove that through ceramic objects and lighting design pieces. Coming from the jewelry trends, the chunky chains are now into ceramic pieces. So we’ve cataloged some of them below for your enjoyment. Take a look and get inspired! Ceramics | Ceramic Trend | Decor Accessories | Chains Trend | Modern ceramic art
a white vase sitting on top of a table
Morgane Pasqualini Céramique on Instagram: "🌬🌊🪸 #poterie #morganepasqualiniceramique #ceramics #ceramique #handbuiltceramics #faience #decorationinterieur #artisanatfrancais #clay #art #organique #contemporaryceramics #courbes #ceramiquefrancaise #mediterraneanlife #whiteceramics #atelier #studiolife #oceanlife"
an image of a white cell on a blue background
an abstract painting of a woman's back in black and white, with the words portrait collection on it
The Portrait Collection No2 Poster
- Illustration of a woman in a white dress seen from behind, against a beige background- Illustration of a woman - White dress - Beige background - Canvas and paint effect - Text at the top and bottom The poster is printed with a white margin around the image.
an image of a blue and brown eyeball on a white background with black dots
Designer tiles, terracotta, multicolor, 8.07x8.07
Glazed porcelain tiles • Quick sample 48h • Matte • Wall & floor • Edge: Rectified