Year 10 Rights and Freedoms

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Very funny and apt cartoon about the booing of Adam Goodes

Why do you boo Adam Goodes? Is it because ...

Why do you boo Adam Goodes? First Dog on the Moon First Dog on the Moon It is 2015 and thousands of white Australians are booing an outspoken Aboriginal footballer. But don’t say it’s racist – you’ll hurt everyone’s feelings

Close the gap - a contemporary campaign looking at closing the life-expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can expect to live substantially shorter lives than other Australians – up to 20 years less in some cases.

'A Punter's Guide To Not Getting Defensive About Adam Goodes' Truth Bombs.' Really good article that covers a lot of historical and contemporary issues related to Indigenous rights.

speaks powerfully for herself, for indigenous people and for many other Australians.

Gurindji strike - The Wave Hill walk-off - (ABC TV - 80 Days That Changed Australia) - YouTube

Gurindji strike - The Wave Hill walk-off - (ABC TV - 80 Days That Changed Australia) - YouTube

How to support Indigenous people on Invasion Day.

Celeste Liddle on the things you can do to not erase the views, history and struggle of Indigenous people on this national holiday.

ABC Splash - Video Clip - The Wave Hill Walk-Off. What do you know of the events that resulted in Gurindji Elder Vincent Lingiari leading a walk-off of 200 Aboriginal workers and their families, mostly of the Gurindji people, from the vast Wave Hill cattle station in August 1966? They were protesting against poor pay and working conditions. Soon, however, this strike developed into a long-term campaign beginning of one of the most important changes in Australia's modern history.

The Wave Hill walk-off: more than a wage dispute - History Visit Wattie Creek at Wave Hill station in It is two years into the historic strike known as the 'Wave Hill walk-off' led by the Aboriginal Elder Vincent Lingiari.

Kev Carmody Thou Shalt Not Steal full version.

Indigenous music: Kev Carmody, Archie Roach and Peter Garrett talk Aboriginal protest songs - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Long fight for stolen wages for Western Australia's Aboriginal stockmen and women.

Aboriginal man Oscar Yanigee was paid in tea and corned beef for a lifetime of work on a Kimberley cattle station.

Share Our Pride: A fantastic website to get the facts about our First Australians.

Feeling a bit rusty on your knowledge of the first Australians? Check out this brilliant interactive website and learn a thing or two.

Stan Grant's amazing 'Australian dream' speech.

Stan Grant's powerful speech on racism and the Australian dream – video. Grant's responses to questions/statements from the audience was also very powerful - challenging many of the narratives Australian society tells itself.

A really good explanation of the booing of Adam Goodes and race relations in Australia

Goodes, pictured running onto the field during the round nine AFL match between the Sydney Swans and the Carlton Blues, said of the incident: 'It's Indigenous Round and I'm proud to be Aboriginal, so I'm representing'

Adam Goodes showed us the festering sores of Australia's history can rip open at any moment - Stan Grant

Adam Goodes showed us the festering sores of Australia's history can rip open at any moment

Adam Goodes with his mother Lisa Sansbury, unveiling the Sydney Swans’ first ever Indigenous Round guernsey in May.

Great article focusing on the heart of the issue.

Supporting Adam Goodes is easy. He's the 'acceptable face' of Indigenous Australia

If language tells us who we are, then who am I?

A fantastic website looking at the timeline of native title in Australia. It also has some great info on the Mabo case and the TV series that was made about it.

For more than a century the Indigenous language once spoken in the region around Adelaide has been dormant A dedicated team has been trawling through historical documents for more than two decades t

Charlie Pickering breaks down Indigenous Incarceration rates.

You need to hear what Charlie Pickering has to say about Indigenous youth and incarceration.

Amnesty International has released a report into Australia's indigenous incarceration rates, and The Weekly host, Charlie Pickering, has a few words to say.