50 insane facts about Australia

Avant is Proudly Australian owned and managed. We are the oldest local owned recruitment company in the Territory. This board celebrates our passion for the Northern Territories natural wonders. Facts about Australia.

Sydney, Australia ~ New Years Eve 2013

Australian Public Holidays 2015

Only in Australia!!

These are bush Aussie sayings. I'd say they come from the english heritage of cockney sayings when Australia was settled by english convicts.

Every Bed of Roses: ANZAC Day - an Ode to the Fallen and a list of ANZAC resources for you

Every Bed of Roses: ANZAC Day - an Ode to the Fallen - plus lots of links to extra ANZAC activities

Australian SAS soldier Trooper Mark Donaldson was tasked with getting the man who bragged he would kill Prince Harry. Pic. Supplied

Corporal Mark Donaldson Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Special Air Service Regiment, recipient of the Victoria Cross for Australia, awarded for gallantry.

The Australian War Memorial - Canberra

The Australian War Memorial - Canberra - I always put a poppy near the name of my great uncle when I visit.

Only in Australia…

Only in Australia…

Meanwhile in Australia.the flip flop vending machine! WISH: SANUK with heels - vertigo - in different colors with gold straps for each one.