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PayPal Checkout - Payment complete.

After kids, a lot has changed.  One being how my husband and I get to relate to one another.  Spending time together has become a challenge and spending the quality time our marriage needs to survive even trickier.  Despite the challenge set before us, our husbands want us to be their bombshells.

Standing there at the dresser, looking at the reflection and stretch-marked, stretched-out body staring back at me in the mirror, my eyes fell to the bottom drawer.

You can also place one near the heel of your foot. This one is a semicolon and a simple heart tattoo. Just says love your life because there are people who love you.

A simple semicolon definitely works. It’s small but has a very powerful meaning so you can put it in your wrist. You can also place it there so you can remind yourself not to self-harm or to do the deed.