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Fresh poison

This image reminds me of how Lady Macbeth and Macbeth try to deceive people in their home to believe that the King's guards killed the King by placing the blood soaked daggers in the drunk guards' hands.

our brains are proper weird

This picture symbolizes when hamlet returns from England and finds a man digging out a grave in which is for Ophelia and says its yorick court jester skull (the man who made everyone laugh)

A poison ring, a poison book, and the hand that ties them together.

I picked this picture because a lot of deaths in this play happened using poison. This picture represents the people who murdered using the poison as if this was there recipe book for the poisons.

× i am closer to godhood than i am to royalty ×

She was more special than she could ever know. She would bow to no one for she was a queen. But, her pride would lead to her downfall.