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Kiara Bayros

Kiara Bayros
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Element: shape. Shape is shown in the circles which are cut off by a serious of rectangular shapes, the numbers are also in a blockier font adding to the element. Having shape adds interest and a polished cut clean look with nothing over complicating it.

Quim Marin is an art director and designer from Barcelona. According to the artist, the visually polluted environment of today calls for fresh and memorable designs with a clear aim at essential be

Element: Colour. Colour is used to match the name of the event with bright poppy colours, a large range of colours gives a lot of Impact but the milder tones around the text make sure it isn't too busy, the mood is fun and lively.

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Element: point. Point is evident at the end of the vertices on the star like figure making them look like little stars with a calming yet mysterious mood

"Stargazing is like time travel." This design is very well balanced and contrasted well. They use the black and white contrast the stars against the black sky. And they use shapes in a circular motion to reveal more like a time travel warp zone.