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Kids In Designed Spaces, Sydney
  Window Ledge, Reading Nook, Fabric Covered, Kids Rugs, Windows, Bedroom, Boys, Home Decor, Baby Boys

Add a piece of fabric covered foam to a low window ledge to make a great reading nook like we did in this bedroom for two little boys. http://www.kidsindesignedspaces.com.au/residential/juniorproject1

  Kid Spaces, Amelie, Plates, Children, Home Decor, Licence Plates, Young Children, Dishes, Boys

Custom made timber name plates are a great way to personalise a child's space. http://www.kidsindesignedspaces.com.au/residential/juniorproject1

  Toy Boxes, Shelving, Corner Desk, Kids Room, Drawers, Flooring, Storage, Toys, Furniture

Maximise storage with wall and floor shelving, underbed drawers and toy boxes that fit under the desk. http://www.kidsindesignedspaces.com.au/residential/juniorproject1

  Joinery, Loft, Kids Rugs, Bedroom, Brown, Furniture, Home Decor, Carving, Woodworking

Chartruesse, red, brown and blue really pop against the custom white joinery in this bedroom for two little boys. http://www.kidsindesignedspaces.com.au/residential/juniorproject1

A colourful kids bedroom by Kids In Designed Spaces Girls Bedroom Colors, Kids Bedroom, Creative Play, Room Inspiration, Little Boys, Toddler Bed, Spaces, Inspired, Retro

Retro inspired room design for two little boys that includes plenty of room for creative play. http://www.kidsindesignedspaces.com.au/residential/juniorproject1

  Beach Baby Nurseries, Bubbles, Nursery, Interiors, Fish, Wall Art, Crafts, Home Decor, Manualidades

We used timber fish and bubbles as wall art in this beach baby nursery. http://www.kidsindesignedspaces.com.au/residential/babyproject2

  Cribs, Nursery, Beach, Furniture, Home Decor, Cots, Decoration Home, Bassinet, Room Decor

Beech and white painted timber furnishings are ideal for this light filled nursery by the beach. http://www.kidsindesignedspaces.com.au/residential/babyproject2

  Cushions, Nursery, Comfy, Contemporary, Chair, Furniture, Home Decor, Throw Pillows, Decoration Home

A contemporary rocker with comfy cushion were just what mum wanted in this baby nursery. http://www.kidsindesignedspaces.com.au/residential/babyproject1