The filling here can be replaced with your favorite veggies and cheese, and you can increase the amount of quiche batter for larger pies using this simple equation: count i/2 cup milk for every egg used. The recipe will also work in a prepared piecrust.

Spinach Pancetta Quiche

Quirky Cooking: Coconut Caramel Custard yummy thermomix sugar-free coconut sugar custard dessert healthy sweet

Quirky Cooking: Coconut Caramel Custard to make into Ice cream. freeze in ice cube trays, then mix frozen cubes in Thermomix 1 min/speed If you want to add nuts, add a handful and mix 10 sec/speed 6 to chop.

Perfect Rice in the Thermomix Dinner, Lunch, Quick, Rice, Simple, Thermomix, Vegan, Vegetarian

Cooking Rice in the Thermomix long grain basmati rice water 15 minutes, Varoma, speed 4

Chicken and Cashews with Coconut Satay Sauce and Coconut Rice - Quirky Cooking

Quirky cooking: Chicken and Cashews with Coconut Satay Sauce and Coconut Rice. Marinade, coconut rice, steamed marinated chicken, steamed veggies (in 3 layers)


Make it with Thermomix and wrap it up for Christmas! Lemon Cleaning Concentrate by Griffin Griffin Kaci

Thermomix Puff Party Quiches

Thermomix Puff Party Quiches

Makes 24 These are the little beauties everyone was raving about at Monica’s last week. I found Liz’s original recipe here and now they are my all time favourite party snack – jus…

Quick Minestrone Barley Soup — ThermOMG

Quick Minestrone Barley Soup

Go To Stew

Bec's Go-To Stew in the Thermomix. For a more chunky stew, steam vegies in varoma while meat cooks in bowl.