third grade resources

These are my 3rd grade resources. There are lots of fun and engaging math and literacy activities for year 3. Third grade teachers will love these lesson ideas.
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halloween themed printable worksheets for kids to practice counting and addition skills on the number line
Spooky Halloween Math Activities: Engage 1st-6th Grade Gifted & Talented Learners Year 1-6 Bundle
Invigorate young minds with this "Halloween Math Activities Logic Puzzles 1st-6th Grade Bundle". Filled with spooky fun, these Halloween-themed activities challenge gifted and talented learners from Year 1 to 6. Boost their math skills as they navigate through spooky puzzles. Perfect for Halloween, this bundle is a thrilling learning adventure.
three sheets of paper with the words 3rd grade written on them and an image of cartoon characters
"Solve 3rd Grade Halloween Math Puzzles: Gifted, Talented Year 3 Halloween Activities!"
Dive into the mystical world of numbers with our "Solve 3rd Grade Halloween Math Puzzles: Gifted, Talented Year 3 Halloween Activities!" Watch as your 3rd grader flexes their mental muscles solving spooky logic puzzles, all decked out in the spirit of Halloween! Unforgettable fun meets exciting learning – It's an Enrichment not to be missed.
a green case with numbers and shapes on it next to a clipboard that says,
Algebraic Reasoning Logic Tasks Gifted and Talented Students Extension
Educate and entertain your gifted learners with our selection of Algebraic Reasoning Logic Tasks - an exciting blend of puzzles and math enrichment task cards. These are perfect for those quick learners who finish early, offering them a fun daily challenge to stimulate their advanced abilities. Not only will they keep your students engaged, but they'll also cultivate a great love for learning algebra!
four posters with the words yellow, green, blue and purple
ASL Colours Posters Rainbow Themed Classroom Decor
Transform your classroom into an inclusive haven where the beauty of American Sign Language merges with the magic of color. Our Rainbow-themed ASL Colors Posters will not only brighten your classroom decor, but also inspire curiosity and welcome diversity. Let's embrace the silent symphony of the sign language and paint a vibrant educational journey for the young minds.
a pink case with the words which one doesn't belong? in black and white
Which One Doesn't Belong Tasks Gifted and Talented Students Extension
Enrich the curious minds of gifted students with our engaging and challenging 'Which One Doesn't Belong Tasks'. This specially curated collection of logic puzzles, math extension task cards, and brain teasers provide perfect daily challenges for early finishers. Experience the joy of learning and keep young minds stimulated with our educational puzzles designed to spark creativity and critical thinking skills!
four posters with the words asl posters emotions
ASL Emotions Feelings Posters Rainbow Themed Classroom Decor
Add a splash of color and learning to your classroom with these vibrant ASL Emotion Feelings Posters. Designed with a cheerful rainbow theme, these posters not only serve as a fun and interactive décor item but also foster an inclusive learning environment by teaching American Sign Language communication. Empower your students to express their feelings in a whole new way and foster empathy and understanding in your students. Make your class inclusive with these engaging and informative posters!
four posters with the words asl posters alphabet
ASL Alphabet Finger Spelling Posters Rainbow Themed Classroom Decor
Welcome to a world where color meets communication! Our rainbow-themed ASL Alphabet Finger Spelling Posters are the perfect vibrant addition to any inclusive classroom decor. Foster an environment of learning and understanding, create awareness and spread the love for American Sign Language. Grab these posters today and paint your classroom with the colors of understanding!
the addition and subtraction year 3 worksheet is on top of a desk
Australian Curriculum Addition and Subtraction Pre & Post Test Year 3 Assessment
Streamline your assessment process with our Australian Curriculum Addition and Subtraction Pre & Post Test for Year 3 students. Expertly designed to save time with easy grading, these materials are perfect for parent teacher interviews, and come with a comprehensive rubric offering A-E grades. Reflect on student progress through our well-moderated google slides that seamlessly align with the Australian curriculum. Ensure your students succeed with our effective assessment tools.
an image of mazes in the middle of a table with text overlaying it
Challenging Mazes Gifted and Talented Students Early Finisher
Challenge your gifted and talented students with a series of mazes that will stimulate their critical thinking abilities. Our daily challenge mazes are designed to keep your high ability students engaged and motivated, providing them with extension tasks that will keep them busy and inspired. With a variety of levels, these mazes are perfect for early finishers and will help them stay on top of their game.
the free daily challenge is filled with activities to help students learn how to read and write
Challenging Math & ELA Puzzles Extension Tasks for Gifted and Talented Students FREE
Are you looking for challenging and engaging daily tasks for your gifted and talented students? Our free puzzles are designed to extend the learning of high ability students and provide them with a daily challenge. Each puzzle focuses on Math and English Language Arts, with an emphasis on problem-solving and creativity. This is the perfect resource to help gifted and talented students reach their full potential.
the printable easter themed puzzles for kids to practice counting and subming numbers
Easter Math Activities Logic Puzzles 1st-6th Grade Gifted and Talented Extension
Brighten your Easter holiday with fun and educational math activities for 1st-6th grade gifted and talented students. Our logic puzzles are designed to stimulate the minds of high-ability students and develop their problem solving skills. With a range of tricky challenges to complete, these activities will help your students hone their mathematical skills as they enjoy the fun of the Easter season.