camel rides in Australia

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Simpson Desert (Australia): the red sand desert

10 Most Fascinating Deserts - cool deserts, amazing deserts


Flinder's Station at 5 star hotel: Quay West Suites Melbourne. This hotel's address is: 26 Southgate Avenue, Southbank Melbourne CBD Melbourne and have 99 rooms


Adelaide: things to do and how to get there

The location for our International Food Tryathon for the Food Revolution Day was Adelaide, South Australia.

Daintree National Park, Australia. In top 10 most pristine places on earth.

The 10 most pristine places on Earth

Daintree National Park in Australia contains a rainforest, one of the oldest ecosystems on earth. The park is home to thousands of plant species and contains trees that are more than years old. Pictured is Mossman George River in northern Daintree ♥

Fraser Island, Australia

For the sun-seekers! Enjoy a sojourn to Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel, scuba dive or take a boat tour. If that all sounds too strenuous, grab a book and relax on the beach.