It may be a cliché but few visitors can leave London without a trip to the world-famous Harrods. This grand department store built in is recognised for its over-the-top grandeur and luxury merchandise. Places to go in London - Harrods

London Eye

The London Eye (Millennium Wheel), a giant Ferris Wheel on the south bank of the river Thames in London England. It is the tallest Ferris Wheel in Europe and the most popular attraction in the United Kingdom.

Port Douglas Marina

Port Douglas Marina in Queensland, Australia. Where they filmed some of the movie 'Fools Gold'

Dubai Camels

Beautiful camel silhouette during sunset

One Tree Hill, Alk, NZ (as i remember it)

One Tree Hill, Auckland (tree vandalised) Tree chopped! NZ's terrorist attack really hurt us Kiwi's. That tree conspicuous from 30 miles changed the scenery forever!

Auckland Beach, NZ

Auckland Beach, NZ

City of Sails, Alk, NZ

City of Sails, Alk, NZ

Auckland Villa, So lovely!

Houses in Auckland

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Another Picture Of The Burj Al Arab Hotel on Jumeirah Beach; Located In Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Sunset City View of Burj Khalifa Tower with Dubai Armani Hotel inside and the Dubai fountain in full swing! Watch the fountain from floor!

Dubai - My View now!

Dubai - My View now!