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Elegant, classic and a little mysterious, this is the perfect necklace to bring out your inner enchantress. This stunning piece is made with garnet, hematite and a labradorite teardrop pendant. Enchantress Necklace by 100 Graces, $69.00

Enchantress Necklace- with Garnet, Hematite and Labradorite Pendant/ Beaded Gemstone Necklace/ Gemstone Healing Jewelry/ (Shakti Collection)

Give a paver colorful style by covering it with sturdy outdoor fabric.

Suzani-Style Stepping-Stones These enchanting stepping-stones rival a rainbow with their riotous color! But it's not paint that beautifies them: It's fabric. And the pavers are amazingly easy to make yourself. Make this project.

Basic Carrot Cake @

If you love onion chutney and apple chutney, you'll love this combination! Another one of my favourite chutneys, which is excellent on sandwiches or with roast meats.

Men's Los Originales Silver Dial Black Genuine Leather

Men's Los Originales Silver Dial Black Genuine Leather

Fanny Farmer's Baked Rice Pudding

Fanny Farmers Baked Rice Pudding Mom uses this recipe cup rice 4 cups milk cup sugar raisins. four hours in 350 oven stir enjoy a creamy miracle