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I mentioned in my Fallen One custom figure description how I've got a small obsession with them. This figure puts the wings on the arms as they are on birds and bats to create a unique weapon system.

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neoprene dress coat with sleek silhouette // John Galliano for Maison Margiela Fall 2015

Fei Fei Sun wears Maison Margiela ‘Artisanal’ by John Galliano - hand-painted neoprene mesh dress-coat with an Yves Klein blue bonded silk cotton Obi. Photographed by David Sims, styled by Grace.

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Ningyo (人魚?, "human fish", often translated as "mermaid") is a fish-like creature from Japanese folklore. Anciently, it was described with a monkey’s mouth with small teeth like a fish’s, shining golden scales, and a quiet voice like a skylark or a flute. Its flesh is pleasant-tasting, and anyone who eats it will attain remarkable longevity. However, catching a ningyo was believed to bring storms and misfortune, so fishermen who caught these creatures were said to throw them back into the…

Vintage mermaid sketch -- This 1805 illustration (artist unknown) from the Waseda University Theater Museum shows a mermaid that was reportedly captured in Toyama Bay. According to the accompanying text, the creature measured meters ft) long.