Aboriginal Images ~ A Cultural Lesson Plan Years Summary of lesson plan: Students will analyse an Aboriginal Image. They will use their detective skills to work out what is happening

Aboriginal basket weaving

Aboriginal basket weaving I just love watching my neighbours Selki and Megan weave beautiful baskets from hemp, local grasses such as flax and lomandra and hand dyed wool


Aboriginal Dance, Australia

Australian Aboriginal Dancers - corroboree - A corroboree is an event where Australian Aborigines interact with the Dreamtime through dance, music and costume.


This sweet photograph by Alastair McNaughton is of Aboriginal children after they've been playing in the mud - a black and white picture-card, a little larger than the average postcard.


"Young dancers wait to perform at the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival in North Queensland, Australia.


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Hand stencils, a traditional form of Australian Aboriginal painting. Ochre (white in this case) is mixed with water, put in the mouth and blown over the hand placed on the rock. These appear to be done at the same time by one person.

Aboriginal Art heart  made by Mariska Dommers

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