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an older woman is holding up some fabric in front of a sewing machine and quilting
She Sews 2 Pieces Of Fabric, Then She Folds It Into Triangles For An Item You'll Love - DIY Projects for Teens
two pictures showing how to make a fold - up tote bag with fabric and buttons
Tote + Tutorial = Totorial
DIY: fold-up tote
the instructions for how to sew a small purse
Easy step-by-step sewing tutorial: How to make a snap purse.
three small bags are sitting next to each other
Origami Drawstring Pouch Tutorial
Pattern for three sizes of Origami Drawstring Pouches. These would be great for putting small gifts in or giving things to neighbors.
three small pouch bags sitting next to each other
Tutorial :: Origami Drawstring Pouch
origami drawstring pouch from one square of fabric
Origami drawstring bag by mairuru_siesta, via Flickr Couture, Small Drawstring Pouch, Tutorial Origami, Cute Origami, Fabric Origami, Pouch Sewing, Japanese Origami
How to make an Origami drawstring bag
Origami drawstring bag by mairuru_siesta, via Flickr
a close up of a bag on a table with a camera in the back ground
Easter goods....
My good friend Karen showed me this darling little purse this week. It is fast and easy to make, so there is still time to fit in in befor...
a blue and yellow patterned bag sitting on top of a couch next to a pillow
Easter goods....
Thinking of trying out this bag pattern at about twice the size. Looks like a good beach tote, no?