Could be used as part of small world play or identify models

I took this at Cuyamaca College at their Child Development Center on campus. They have developed the center into a Reggio Emilio center.

building platform and blocks in block area

Spiegel in de bouwhoek - A Reggio Emilia-Inspired Classroom using a mirror in the block play area so children can see themselves while building. This also allows children to easily see their constructions from all angles.

Block Play organisation

Love the picture labels and questions a teacher can ask posted thoughtfully above the block shelf // fun to have a wheeled wagon or trolley for moving blocks to and from shelves for sorting?

Traffic Signs provide environmental print opportunities in the block center via

Blocks Center Set Up in Preschool

Traffic signs in the block center will provide a print rich environment for your students as well as offer opportunities for identifying environmental print.