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five ingredient soup: cauliflower, sweet potato, onion, garlic, water.

5 out of Cauliflower Sweet Potato Soup. This soup has only five ingredients: cauliflower, sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, and water. (I subbed 4 cups of veggie broth to boost the flavor). Definitely use the garam malasa when roasting the cauliflower.

5-Minute Abs  This will get your abdominals burning and make you sweat off those extra inches around your waist. Do this whole routine including the ab workout and the treadmill abs for 3 sets all together. Abs will be 3 sets of 20 making that 1 set of abs and then go to the treadmill routine. You will repeat that all together 1 more times making 2 sets. By the end you would have done 80 ab crunches and 40 minutes of Treadmill abs! Feel the burn! Ab Workout Crunches 3 sets, 20 reps Oblique…

Abs The fastest, smartest way to firm your abs Theres a magic formula: Any trio of a faceup + facedown or lateral + standing move = ultimate firming. This trifecta targets your core from every angle. Its sculpting! Many more great workouts on this site!