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kittens update
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I just want you and only you thats it. Nobody else. dont need anyone dont want anyone. just you❤️

To my husband.i'd rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else. i'd rather be beside you in a storm than safe and warm by myself. i'd rather have hard times together than have it easy apart. i'd rather have the one who holds my heart

I let people walk all over me, especially when in a relationship.  I get taken advantage of because I let them get away with it.  I don't know how to say "No".

I have actually been told by a girl at school I am too nice. Is that a bad thing?

Yess<3 I do belong to him && he belongs to me <3 path don't cross over and over again for no reason.  Fate brought us together.

My heart are all consumed by thoughts of other woman has ever held my life in her hands the way you have.and I will forever belong to u.til my dying breath I will be your King.until I breathe no more .I'm forever yours.


Oh lawd. So fucking true. I dont know if i will ever truly get over him. I know what true, deep love is bc of him. I know how deeply i can love due to him. I will always love you. ^true that.


But after you've had some time to heal, you realize that breaking up was the best choice you ever made. Thank God we didn't stay together.