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KittyKatt Uzumaki

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KittyKatt Uzumaki
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Then essentially he's the the grim reaper because he takes cars to their final resting place and lives in a graveyard.

Who thinks of this stuff?

MelodyJinx Luna: Does this mean that when the news talks about a percentage of an oncoming storm, its just a prediction of a ship war and if it happens some angel from the other fandom decided it was OK to cross THAT line. Thus its a ship war

Burst with excitement!

I don't ship it but I like the idea that they're big brother/lil sister duo

I promise.

Homesick Lance: How could you not miss your family? Keith: ‘Cause you are my family now. - - - Sad Klance, just for once. Tomorrow Dorky Klance is back! I’v always loved how Lance is the happy weird.