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A special occasion recipe that will fit into your healthy diet. A Christmas pudding recipe that is full of health benefits Lemon Desserts, Healthy Dessert Recipes, Easy Recipes, Healthy Snacks, Vegan Recipes, Strawberry Oatmeal Bars, Blueberry Crumble Bars, Chocolate Chia Pudding, Healthy Chocolate

Healthy Chocolate Chia Puddings - Healthy Recipe

This is a special occasion chia pudding that will fit in with your health goals and is easy to make. Chia is a grain that is healthy and nutritious. They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, iron and calcium. The recipe includes cacao powder, the unsweetened form of chocolate which is very nutritious. Without all the nasties like sugar and fat that are added to it to make milk chocolate, it has many health benefits. It can improve your memory, reduce heart…

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Healthy snacks to keep you on track with your diet

Healthy snack ideas that will provide a nutritious and filling addition to your diet. Snack ideas that are easy, low calorie and enjoyable

Our health goals are often put on hold when there are holidays and special occasions. There are so many temptations in the way of food and drink. Read how you can keep on track with your health goals during holidays and special occasions Health Goals, Health Tips, Fitness Tips, Health Fitness, Keep On, Getting Drunk, Social Events, Self Improvement, How To Stay Healthy

How to Keep on Track with your Health Goals During Holidays and Special Occasions

This article will give you strategies to keep on track with your health goals during the holiday season. How to manage special occasions and still keep on track with your health goals.

A self-sufficient lifestyle is when we provide our basic needs ourselves, including water, shelter, energy and food. How to plan ahead for a self-sufficient retirement so that you are not relying on the Government pension or superannuation. Healthy Lifestyle Tips, Healthy Habits, Living On A Budget, Frugal Living, Self Sufficient, Negative Thinking, Get Your Life, Healthy Aging, Saving Money

How to be Self-sufficient as a Sustainable Future for Retirement

The necessary considerations for self sufficiency with regards to the basic needs of water, energy, food and shelter. How to become self sufficient in retirement.

Living the Healthiest Version of Your Life Womens Wellness, Living A Healthy Life, Aging Process, Keep Fit, Aging Gracefully, Health Advice, Menopause, Your Life, Cool Things To Make

Living the Healthiest Version of Your Life

This is a guest post for Sizzling Over Sixty. I aim to inspire other women by living the healthiest version of my life possible.

How to achieve long lasting weight loss by sticking with it long-term. It takes time to achieve long-lasting weight-loss. Weight-loss can be sustained when it occurs over a long-term with healthy lifestyle changes rather than fad diets. Weight Loss Plans, Weight Loss Tips, Join A Gym, Body Fitness, Health Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Fad Diets, Keeping Healthy, How To Lose Weight Fast

Losing Weight is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

How to achieve lasting weight loss without fad diets and joining a gym. Lasting weightloss takes time, but it can be sustained over the long term if you lose weight the healthy way.

Regular exercise is the key to long term weight loss. Low impact exercise is the key to sustained weight loss as long as it is consistent. A walk every day has a positive affect on mood, health and weight. Key To Losing Weight, How To Lose Weight Fast, Lost Weight, Lose Fat, Low Impact Workout, Weight Loss Workout Plan, Try Not To Laugh, Regular Exercise

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow and steady wins the race shows that regular, slow exercise like walking, can lead to long-term weight-loss.

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Don't Try to Do It Alone

Don't try and do it alone is about getting support with healthy lifestyle choices. Having support of professionals will lead to success with health goals.

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I Went Pink for Breast Cancer Research

We raised funds for breast cancer research by dying our hair pink. The National Breast Cancer Foundation has a fundraising event annually.

How your waist measurement affects your health and what to do about it. Having a large waist circumference can lead to health problems like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. How to improve your lifestyle and live a healthy life Cardiovascular Disease, Alternative Health, Healthy Habits, Healthy Recipes, Menopause, Types Of Food, Heart Disease, Health Problems, How To Stay Healthy

Why your Waist Measurement Matters

One of my biggest concerns with my weight was my waist circumference. My waist measured 109cm (inches) when I started on my journey. This put me at a much higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and…

Globally, the increased fear of traveling due to disease, natural disasters, terrorism etc. will lead to more people staying at home for their vacation. These are some ideas for how to make the most of your staycation Retirement Planning, Trip Planning, Local Art Galleries, Annual Leave, Skin Clinic, Living On A Budget, Local Attractions, Some Ideas, Go Camping

How to Make the Most of Your Staycation

Many people are holidaying at home. How to make the most of your staycation. Ideas for activities during your holiday at home.

Growing your own sprouts is easy and can be done on your kitchen bench. Sprouts have many health benefits and are a great addition to a healthy diet. The process of sprouting releases important nutrients that can be utilised by your body easily. Healthy Habits, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Food, Lose Fat, Lose Weight, Easy Diets To Follow, Growing Sprouts, Kitchen Benches, Healthy Weight

How to Grow sprouts on your kitchen bench

How to grow sprouts on your kitchen bench. Easy instructions to grow healthy, nutritious sprouts easily.

When one of your children moves out of home it feels like a death - it is a loss, and you grieve for it like any other loss. It is not as acute as the death of a loved one but you still experience some of the same emotions Spiritual Wellness, Holistic Wellness, Wellness Tips, Health And Wellness, Healthy Aging, Healthy Habits, Women Lifestyle, Healthy Lifestyle, Moving Out Of Home

The Half-Empty Nest

When a child moves out of home, the empty nest can feel like grief. The relationship with your child changes and your mother role also changes.

When one of your children moves out of home it feels like a death - it is a loss, and you grieve for it like any other loss. It is not as acute as the death of a loved one but you still experience some of the same emotions Empty Nest Syndrome, Leaving Home, Healthy Aging, Self Improvement Tips, New Relationships, Retirement Planning, Adult Children, When Someone, Happy Life

The Half-Empty Nest

When a child moves out of home, the empty nest can feel like grief. The relationship with your child changes and your mother role also changes.

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Healthy Entertaining - How to Serve Healthy Food at Your next Event

A healthy savoury grazing platter includes a range of healthy options, and adds nutrients to your guests' overall diet. Health options for your grazing platter include vegetables, low fat cheese, salsa and hummus and leave out processed meat, crackers and high fat cheese.

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How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

This post will tell you how to increase your blog traffic using Pinterest and Tailwind. Links to Pinterest Group Boards and an invitation to a Tailwind tribe are included.