love the floor colour and also how the bench top is formed - just sitting on top not running down the side

East Malvern by LSA Architects/ white marble kitchen style, in contrast with the wood dark floor, two basic way to create a simple and modern spaces.

Double trouble - bin split for waste/recycle/compost (triple)

The amazing effects of caffeine

Trash Can contemporary kitchen trash cans by Sidelines Furniture Hand-built wooden Tilt-out Trash Can Cabinet - 22 Genius DIY Home Decor Projects You Will Fall

chalkboard wall     contemporary kitchen by Lucy G Creative NZ Photography & Splashbacks

'Sweet As' printed image on glass kitchen splashback / backsplash - contemporary - kitchen - auckland - by Lucy G Creative NZ Photography & Splashbacks

Utilise your corners

See through cupboard doors. Put Corners to Work Perpendicular countertops result in extra-deep corners that often go to waste. Put this area to work storing small appliances. Install a door that slides down to conceal the contents.