Literature to support the Australian National Curriculum. Focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fiction.

WWI: A Turkish prisoner earns his keep by cutting an Anzac’s hair.

Australian soldier getting his haircut by a Turkish POW in Gallipoli, 1915 - [ 700 x 679 ]

Activities: Make an Aboriginal Dream Painting!

Dream Dot Painting

Have your child practice one of the oldest art forms in a modern way. She'll make her own Aboriginal dot painting, deriving inspiration from her dreams!

A Brief History of Australia: Part 2/5

Taking a largely chronological approach, A Brief History of Australia looks at social, cultural, economic, and political trends in the country's long history.

▶ Can You Hear The Children Marching Lyric Video Vocal - YouTube - a new ANZAC song

Can You Hear The Children Marching Lyric Video Vocal

Aboriginal Seasons. The Learning Curve: Calendars, Months, Seasons and Colours!

'Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo' is another outstanding book by Alison Lester. It is a wonderful addition to an exploration of the seasonal calendars of Indigenous Australians.

Map of Australia composed of other countries to scale

How big is Australia (comparative map shows other countries fitting into Australia's land mass)?