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Australian Money Task Cards Higher Order Thinking HOTS Grades 3 and 4

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Australian Money Bingo

Australian Money Bingo This is a fun, engaging activity to help your students recognise and Australian coins and be able to represent money values in multiple ways.

We have a wonderful four seasons tree craft template to share with you, this one can fold nicely into a 4 seasons book or you can assemble it together to stand on it’s own. Print our template, there are more versions, and have the kids get creative with their seasons. *this post contains affiliate links* …

Four Seasons Tree Craft With Template

AUSTRALIAN MONEY PUZZLES....  Includes with coins and add your own coins....   :-)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Printable Money Games Puzzles - Children match the written money amount to the coins and notes.

What does the SHAPE say? math craft. Students write from the shape's point of view describing its attributes. They practice the correct use of quotation marks too! My class LOVED this !

Seriously FUN Ways to Teach Shapes

What does the SHAPE say? After dancing to What Does the Fox Say? we made these fox shape crafts to integrate using quotation marks correctly while learning about shapes!

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