History Stage 2, Year 4 - First Contacts - Stories of the First Fleet (Group 8)

Stories of the First Fleet, including reasons for the journey, who travelled to Australia, and their experiences following arrival.
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Focus question: how were criminals punished in England in the 1700s and 1800s? In groups, students look at the list of convicts confined on the hulk, Censor: 1787-1788 . Ask: What interesting evidence do you see? What do you think about the ages of the convicts? What do you notice about their crimes? What questions are raised? How do we get answers or more information?

Cooke, Edward William, Prison-ship in Portsmouth Harbour, convicts going aboard [picture]

Links and Resources for a Unit Study on Australian History, The First Fleet and Sydney Cove.

Australian History First Fleet & Sydney Cove

Australian History First Fleet & Sydney Cove Diversity of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders connected to place and country. Stories from the First Fleet

First fleet boat! Convict journal entries as sails!!

First fleet boat! Convict journal entries as sails! Stories of the first fleet. A great way for students to apply their knowledge and create diary entries and present them.

Convicts being transported To Australia. Australia became the politically expedient safety valve for Britain's overpopulated jails. These were fit to burst after American colonies slammed the door on British deportees after the American War of Independence in 1776.    In 1787, the first 11 ships carrying convicts to Australia – known as the First Fleet – set sail for New South Wales, arriving eight months later.

Website reveals secrets of convicts sent to Australia

First Fleet graphic organiser - events leading to Australian Colonisation

First Fleet graphic organiser - events leading to Australian Colonisation …

Why did Europeans settle in Australia? In this unit you will find out why England decided to settle Australia and why the First Fleet sailed here in 1788 with more than 1000 convicts and marine guards on board.

Useful & easy to play implement lesson Plans from National Museum of Australia on the first fleet

There were eleven ships in the First Fleet. They were all small ships that included two naval ships, six convict ships and three storeships for supplies. This is a picture of the flagship Sirius, which carried Captain Aurthur Philip first govermor of NSW. It was wrecked off Norfolk Island in 1790 and its wreck was given National Heritage status in 2011.

The wreck of a First Fleet ship which once carried Governor Phillip has been given National Heritage status.

1788: Was life the same for everyone? The unit complements a historical inquiry around the experiences of the early settlers and contact with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples. The students will explore both contemporary and historical texts in a range of collaborative activities designed to engage them in critical analysis and reflection.

Year 4 Exploring text - Nanberry, Grim Crims and Convicts, Avoid being a convict and Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet

From Terra Australis to Australia. Explore the journals, letters, paintings, drawings and books documenting the adventures of the first British settlers in Australia, including the Library's priceless collection of First Fleet documents. http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/discover_collections/history_nation/terra_australis

A Direct North General View of Sydney Cove, by convict artist Thomas Watling in 1794

History Unit Plan | YR4 | First Contacts. Charting Unknown Lands. In this topic, students will take a trip back in history to imagine what life was like as an explorer. They will get to live the life of an adventurer, explore new lands, meet new people and grasp the impact of these adventures on others. $9

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