Add a skinny band of your baby's birthstone...absolutely in love with this idea!

My mom is here... and my new French Cut Sapphire stacker

I like the idea of husbands birthstone band, but don't really like this ring. Add a skinny band of your husband's birthstone.absolutely in love with this idea!

Hat lights! Who would have thought?!

Original pendant lamps by British designer Jake Phipps. Hat pendant lamps made w/classic British cultural icons: authentic bowler hat (Jeeves lamp) & authentic top hat (Wooster lamp) lined w/gold or silver aluminum to reflect light optimally.

Globe teapot... I rather like this.

Two of my fave things-teapots and maps! Babs and Coco's Tea Emporium logo pot! My kids would love this.

So great!

Tim threw for 316 yards, the most thrown against the Steeler defence all year, and averaged Hummmm. Remind you of anything?

Owl Cupcakes

This is brilliant! Thank goodness I figured out how to separate two halves of the oreo w/o breaking them! owl cupcakes - Oreos, M and Ms and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups // Halloween party ideas