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I'm a mum on a mission time to get my life in focus & follow my dreams. Achieve those goals,from fitness & health to work, family & community. By putting it out
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Use these land form cards as inspiration for landscape painting for end of year 5th grade science camp

Free Printable Landform Cards for learning the different formations of landforms. Grade Science TEKS recognize how landforms such as deltas, canyons, and sand dunes are the result of changes to Earth's surface by wind, water, and ice KL

Australian Wattle Craft | The Wattle is Australia's whimsical, stunning national flower. Help your family learn more about their heritage with this cute craft!

Australian Golden Wattle collage art and craft for kids, to learn about Australia's national flower. This would make a great toddler or preschool activity - my year old toddler was able to do all the elements herself.

Painting Aussie Wattle (with pom poms). Fun kids activity for Australia Day, or just to learn about our native Australian flora

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How To Develop Self Regulation In Your Students

How To Develop Self Regulation In Your Students