Download free Veteran's Day writing printables at A Cupcake for the Teacher. Find more free printables here!

Free Veterans Day Writing Printables

Remembrance Day Writing Activity.  There are several art projects at this site and a link to 'A Pittance of Time', which is always worth a listen.

Remembering Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Writing Activity - This would be good to do double sided with the two perspectives (Turkish and Australian)

ANZAC games for children It is the anniversary of our soldiers (along with those from New Zealand) landing at Gallipoli in 1915.-the first time our country had been represented in major conflict. We commemorate these soldiers and those who have served our wonderful country since.

ANZAC games for children - leads into a lesson about probability with clear links to the Australian Curriculum

Download a FREE Anzac Day teaching resource pack from R.I.C. Publications.

ANZAC DAY – Honouring our Heritage commemorates the centenary of WWI and the Anzacs in Gallipoli, the texts covers nine different Anzac Day topics.

don't exactly have a template, but I can give you the measurements. The body is a 5x7 rectangle. The head is a 5x5 square, that has the corners rounded off. For the ears, just use the rounded off pieces. The arms and legs are 2 inch strips of paper. The cap is the hardest piece of all (and it really isn't THAT hard), we just used on the 5x5 squares and rounded the top and sides off.

Karen's Preschool Ideas: Veteran's Day cannot wait to honor and remember our veterans with my little guys=]