Kristel Phoenix

Kristel Phoenix

Kristel Phoenix
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dancing in the sunlight forest

She realized she was lucky - because she could actually see it - how the trees got more beautiful each they danced with such graceful pride, surviving each season& change.and she knew their beauty lied not in the perfection, but the gro

solitude - Gorgeous!

Senior picture idea for girl in nature. Nature senior picture idea for girl in beautiful, grassy field. Nature senior portrait idea for girl in meadow. Senior portrait idea for girl in meadow or field. Nature senior portrait pose for girl.

Witch, belly dancer, cat lady, Goth. I love the night, moon, stars, dried flowers and herbs, stones,...

There's literally a spell for everything, but sometimes the effort required for it is more. strenuous than to just do it without magic." Some require sacrifice. "*gasp*" I mean, yeah yeah (Potion Ingredients Witches)