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This is masterfully done. I feel so confined and uncomfortable in those first three panels. The look of longing on her face. How humbled she seems by that last panel. You are beautiful. "Wrong Century" by Thomas Kucerovsky

judgmentofparis: “Wrong Century” — Brilliant illustration by artist Tomas Kucerovsky depicting the fate of plus-size beauty in the modern age. Can’t decide if this is sad or awesome or sadly awesome or awesomely sad.

Tell me again that we don't live in a rape culture?!

Feminists actually defending a male rape victim? So much for the Men's Right's Activists stopping female rapists.<<<< the truth is if a feminist dosent treat a male rape victim the same as a female one they aren't being feministic

Bless the Harry Potter fandom.

31 Jokes About Harry Potter That’ll Make You Say “I Really Love The Internet”

The secret to great pasta sauce? The cooking water. Save a cup of the pasta's cooking water before you drain it, and add the water to your sauce as needed. The starch in it helps the sauce adhere to the pasta creating a creamier, flavorful final product.

Stanley being fat had almost no significance to the plot itself so the actor's size should never have been important

I loved this movie. This is honestly the point where I went from absolutely hating him as an actor to loving him<<I loved this movie my one complaint was the cgi for the lizards but I'm really picky when it comes to that so